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Your business is unique and so are our solutions. Talk to our team to find out how Polaris Elements can be tailored to suit your needs.



First-rate staff, a great product offering and good availability are all critical success factors. The right systems ensure you’ll serve up a great customer experience that keeps them coming back. Polaris offers:

  • Update stock lists with ease
  • Intuitive EPOS
  • Time saving solutions for effective working
  • Control, create and manage promotions with ease
  • Rota planning tools helping match staffing levels to customer trends
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Two woman can be seen chatting together at a table, they are being served a cup of coffee by a waiter at the Cafe. Both woman are dressed casually and look like they are enjoying each others company. They are in a bar/cafe setting and a few other customers can be seen in the background


Restaurants need all the right ingredients combined with great customer service to ensure return custom and rave reviews all round.
The Polaris recipe for success includes:

  • Promotions – know how to attract customers using the right promotions
  • Stock control to table planning & covers
  • Customer insights
  • Covers – numbers per sitting and average spend per head
  • Greater understanding of your staffing levels
  • Price – from deposit and promotions to payment
  • Margins – understand your trends and true cost of sale


From leisure centres to sports and social clubs, Polaris can help ensure your venue remains ahead of the game:

  • Membership data
  • Tiered pricing and loyalty programmes
  • Spend tracking – know your customers
  • Whole of business solution
  • Link multiple venues for consolidated reporting
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Many hotel systems are out of the price range of guest houses, bed and breakfasts, pubs with rooms or smaller boutique hotels. Polaris can provide a cost-effective solution whatever the size of your business:

  • Manage room revenue through tills, from bar tabs to credit sales
  • Co-ordinate staff and understand shift patterns and their effectiveness
  • Full billing and flexible invoicing capability
  • Single level platform means full integration from till to reports
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