Reasons why you should be using contactless payments

Written by Vic Hamblin

Contactless ordering and payment software offers a technical solution to help future-proof hospitality businesses and offers a sound investment at a time when every penny counts.

Maximising your efficiencies across your business, contactless payments can:

Save time – The average contactless transaction is about 12.5 seconds, less than half the amount of time it takes for a credit card transaction, and about a third of the time it takes to handle cash. Saving time means saving money—boost transaction speeds and allow for more transactions by going contactless.

Save money – You know those unavoidable business costs? They’re not so unavoidable anymore. Save big on paper expenses with digital menus and cut down on staffing costs by implementing contactless ordering and payment.

Save your team –Conserve your staff’s energy levels, contactless technology will significantly reduce the trips to tables. This will also allow your team to take their customer service to the next level.

New ways to increase revenue

Bringing up the bottom line is key to longevity and growth in the hospitality industry.

Introduce Loyalty Programmes, and make your guests repeat customers by offering loyalty programs directly through your contactless payment system. They’ll feel like they’re at home the minute they step into your establishments

Suggestions and Pairings –Recommendations and pairing options are a great way to increase bill sizes.  That’s why we suggest adding them to your digital menu. This can also aid your team to upsell.

Less Wastage – contactless ordering equates to reduced mix-ups and staff errors. Your customers can experience improved service and your business cuts down on avoidable waste through human error.

Benefits to your customers

Quick and easy – Customers can take payments and order from the comfort of your table, speeds up the time taken for customers’ orders arrive to their table as items are directly sent to the preparation area.

Get Empowered – All the power is in the palm of their hands. With digital menus, they can order what they want, when they want.

Stay Informed – Has an item run out? What’s the daily special? Contactless ordering means all the menu information is up-to-date and easily accessible. If they have any more questions, they could always ask one of your front-of-house team.

Secure– Contactless payment systems offer protection from fraudulent use of your cards and devices through your bank or credit card supplier

How Polaris can help?

Polaris mPay is a state-of-the-art PDQ machine packed with additional features making it truly ground-breaking. The software utilises cutting-edge technology making it efficient, reliable and best in class. As mPay can take quick payments at the time of ordering a win for customers, staff and business owners alike. Click here to find out more.

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