Whether you are considering simple till solutions, integrated handheld devices or a fully serviced solution, Polaris PoS is a comprehensive platform which can fundamentally improve your service offering:

  • Head Office pricing controls
  • Multi site functionality
  • Accurate data (staff management, stock & cash control, pricing control)
  • Sales data (trend analysis, upsell/cross sell opportunities)
  • Installation and placement on touch screen, hospitality specific hardware
  • Bespoke screen customisation and setting – site by site
  • Off-site disaster recovery
  • Cloud-based secure server for maintenance and reporting
  • Interactive reporting suite
  • Cost savings: on £12,000 per week turnover – expected ROI in just 16 weeks

Our dedicated team of POS developers and installers provide up to the minute training, proactive data updates and friendly site visits to ensure you have the very best solutions that meet your needs.


In addition to all the benefits provided by a traditional trusted till
system, Electronic Point of Sale software is becoming increasingly critical to
the success of hospitality businesses with handhelds typically showing an
increase of 15% in productivity.

Polaris Elements MPOS systems help you to deliver an efficient, professional
and consistent level of service throughout your site, combined with an accurate
audit trail of sales.

Increase service speed
Keep staff moving and serving – no need to return to till to place order.

Improve order accuracy
Providing real time stock information cuts out mistakes – retains customer
and staff satisfaction.

Better staff efficiency
Staff spend up to 15% more time serving customers – resulting in improved
quality service and customer experience.

Upsell and cross-sell
Create immediate and specific sales and promotional messaging to staff –
increase Average Order Value.

Increase sales
Retain staff floor time visibility to enhance customer experience and
encourage dwell time.

Brand enhancement
Enhance brand perception with customisable design of mobile booking

Flexible cost structure
Licences available on a monthly basis so ROI is extremely swift with only a
single up-sell per day required to see a return.