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Since 2001, we have worked with some of the UK’s leading hospitality chains, providing complete business management software dedicated to growing their business.

Polaris Elements cloud based system gives our clients increased control and access to real time reporting to help inform vital business decisions quickly and efficiently. From one site to multi-site operations, Polaris Elements is as flexible as you need it to be.


‘Polaris provides us with the essential intelligence to understand and flex to our customers’ current and predicted purchasing patterns, to implement applicable promotions, and apply staff resources most efficiently.

Rupert Bagnall, Operations Director

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We chose Polaris because it is intuitive for site managers to use and highly geared to the numerous demands of the hospitality industry. Along with increased controls we have real time reporting that is essential to our business planning. Polaris PoS provides flexibility throughout and is a cost effective solution for the controls and visibility within a multi-site organisation’.

Stephen Entwhistle, Operations Director

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‘Seamless access to business intelligence through the Polaris Software suite has allowed us to make real-time business decisions easily.  The Polaris PoS solution has been essential to achieving growth at Brewhouse & Kitchen by ensuring sales transactions are fast, easy and accurate’.

Kris Gumbrell, Founder & Chairman

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